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Guangzhou one point one advertising co., LTD(简称:One point of advertising)Was established2010Years4Month,Is the collectionAdvertising creative design、Event planning、Construction activities、Truss、The stage、Lighting sound leasing、Inside and outside the large and medium-sized advertising signs、The sign、Luminous word、Crystal word、Three-dimensional sculpture、LEDDisplay screen、Flexible neon light、Indicator、Is engineering installation and maintenance as a wholeProfessional advertising companies。 

Companies adhering to the“The customer is supreme”The management idea,Stick to it“Customer first”The principle for the general customers to provide quality services。

We are seeking cost-effective solutions for customers,The strict requirements of the quality of design standard and construction,Adhere to the quality strives for the development,Good design needs to have good ideas and implementation,Our team are more than eight to ten years of experience,From the perspective of professional to provide customers with the best solution,We think that advertising has a direct impact on earnings。Customer success is our motivation! 

We in guangdong area brand advertising company for the target,The pursuit of excellence quality of advertising,From the early stage of the advertising design to late release one-stop service concept,To maximize customer investment results do。

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